The Folly of Renewable Energy

Matt Ridley

The West needs to go nuclear My article for National Review: If you judge by the images used to illustrate reports about energy, the world now runs mainly on wind and solar power. It comes as a shock to look up the numbers. In 2019 wind and solar between them supplied just 1.5 percent of […]

Ten reasons why Boris’s green agenda is just plain wrong

Matt Ridley

While climate change is a real issue and must be tackled, the prime minister’s 10-commandment plan is not the way to go about it My article for The Telegraph: Our fearless leader has descended from the mountain with a 10-commandment plan for a green industrial revolution. At a cost of £12 billion, he will have […]


The Government’s energy policy could cripple global Britain

Matt Ridley

Britain has uniquely legislated to reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions in 2050 My article for GlobalVision: As Britain relaunches itself as an independent trading nation, its fate will depend on how competitive it is. We have lots going for us, but we also have a heavily regulated economy, high labour costs and low productivity, so we may […]

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