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Spiritual DNA energy, the creation of the universe and flattened wheat

Please look at these four objects below

Are they:

a) natural?

b) evidence of supernatural forces?

c) man-made?

As some of you know, crop circles — those neat
patterns that appear in British wheat fields in summer
— did more than any other phenomena to convince
that lots and lots of otherwise intelligent human beings can
also be irredeemably credulous, gullible and plain irrational,
not to mention prone to thinking what other people tell them to

It boggled my mind when I realised in the 1990s that there were
people –including serious journalists — who not only believed
these things could not be man-made, but believed that
`cereologists’ — self-appointed prophets and publishing profiteers
of crop circles — were `experts’.

So I went out and made some crop circles. It’s
not hard.

Well now, comes shocking news. News that brings together two of
my favourite subjects: crop circles and DNA. Clearly I
was wrong. It’s time to admit defeat and to welcome a new and
brilliant theory, an idea so extraordinary that all of science is a
mere prelude to it. Crop circles were made by… well, I can’t
understand what follows but maybe you can:

The findings of the molecular
biologists Dr Pjotr P. Garjajev and Dr. Vladimir Poponin of the
Russian Academy of Science concerning the ‘Phantom-DNA Effect’ have
a radical connection with the formation of crop circles in the
United Kingdom and throughout the world in recent times. According
to these scientists the DNA is emitting electromagnetic waves that
continue to manifest even after the DNA sample has been removed
from the experiment. Hence the name ‘Phantom-DNA Effect’. The
genetic procedures being adopted by these scientists have been
commented on and explained by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in
their book Vernetzte Intelligenz (1), who have put forward the
theory that self-radiating balls of light often seen in the sky and
mistaken for extra-terrestrial visitors are in fact a group
consciousness phenomenon brought about by hypercommunication within
the DNA. This theory by Fosar and Bludorf can also explain the
formation of crop circles which are also commonly attributed to
extra-terrestrial visitors. In addition it will be shown that the
precise technology being adopted by the aforesaid scientists in
Moscow represents a new energy source, previously unknown to
mankind, that is capable also of creating crop

Hold the front page, reserve the Nobel prizes, set up a new
United Nations agency! A new age is dawning.

While they were developing this
energy, the divine intelligence in the DNA was creating these crop
circles using exactly the same source of energy, as a means of
demonstrating to us how the Universe was created in the first
place, and how it may now be modified and

Crop circles taught me never to underestimate human credulity.



By Matt Ridley | Tagged:  rational-optimist