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“An enthusiastic history of human technical innovation”

From the Kirkus review of How Innovation Works:

Throughout the book, the author delivers fascinating histories of technology that we take for granted. Many hands contributed to the developments of the steam engine, automobile, and computer. Ridley makes a convincing case that obsessive trial and error works better than inspiration and illustrates with insightful accounts of Edison, the Wright brothers, and Marconi. Some breakthroughs are inexplicable. People hauled luggage for a century, but the wheeled suitcase only appeared in the 1970s.

Kirkus is an “advance reviewer” that primarily servers publishers and other reviewers, but feel free to reach out if you’re in media and would like to request your own review copy, publish an article, do an interview, etc.

How Innovation Works will be released in the UK on May 14th and in the US on May 19th, but is available to pre-order now.


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On February 19th at 6pm (1pm ET in North America) I will officially be doing a “reddit AMA”. We get a lot of questions on social media, and for the first time, the public will have the opportunity to “ask me anything”!

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