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Monbiotic logic: call for peaceful debate and for people to die

George Monbiot is advertising a speaking tour with a poster of himself as a boxer about to hit somebody.

And yet he  says in the Guardian:

Let’s debate the issues and argue over the facts. But let’s drop the vitriolic abuse, and stop suggesting that those with whom you disagree should be hurt or killed.

This is the man who  said, of me:

Crucifixion wouldn’t have been good enough for him.

This is the man who  said:

There was one proposal in Sir Rod Eddington’s report to the Treasury with which, when I first read it, I wholeheartedly agreed. He insists that “the transport sector, including aviation, should meet its full environmental costs”. Quite right too: every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, an airline executive should be dragged out of his office and drowned. Reading on, I realised that this is not exactly what he had in mind.

He says this was ironical.

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